Sneak preview: rough cut footage from the new Bret Wood film Those Who Deserve to Die, scheduled for release 2019. Here, Joe Sykes is Jonathan, a troubled loner caught in a spiral of revenge. Alice Lewis is  his little sister Berenice. Courtesy of Bret Wood.



Joe Sykes as Tom Weatherby in Good Grief Suicide Hotline. Courtesy of ECG Productions



During the run of Reykjavik at Actor’s Express, Joe Sykes and director Melissa Foulger took time out to talk with Lois Reitzes, host of City Lights at WABE radio in Atlanta. Here’s an excerpt from that interview. Joe talks about the vingnette  ‘Twelve Ravens’ from Reykjavik, dark themes, and the humor of playwright Steve Yockey. (Listen to the full interview at

Twelve Ravens
Joe Sykes and Michael Vine in ‘Twelve Ravens’ from Reykjavik  by Steve Yockey at Actor’s Express. Photo by Casey Gardner